Big Hero 6 (2014)

Hybridising Disney’s magic with Marvel’s wonder, Big Hero 6 is a film bursting with energy, colour, warmth and sincerity. Disney’s new-age 3D animation renaissance (Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, Frozen) continues, and in the process, their winning formula has created the best family-friendly superhero film since The Incredibles.

Big Hero 6, originally a Japanese Marvel comic book, tells the story of a brilliant young robotics prodigy named Hiro (Ryan Potter) who lives in San Fransokyo (an obvious, but fun celebration and fusion of Eastern and Western cultures). After the horrific (yet signposted) death of his older bother Tadashi, Hiro uncovers his older brother’s hidden creation, a loveable, endearing and supremely huggable robot named Baymax (voiced by 30 Rock’s Scott Adsit).

When a kabuki-masked villain threatens the city, Hiro enlists the help of his brother’s nerdy, scientific pals, and with Baymax along for the ride, they form an Avengers-like superhero team named Big Hero 6. And just like that, a new franchise is born kids.

The exhilarating action is exactly the type of expertly crafted and choreographed sequences we’ve come to expect from a live action Marvel movie. While the resplendent animation and the plot’s adoration for technological creativity and ingenuity, allow for some captivating set pieces.

The film constantly promotes the idea of “imagination being your only limit,” and while nothing in this superhero kids film is wholly original, it provides so many laughs and thrills that you can forgive the familiarity of the formula.

The supporting cast is underwhelming and their input ranges from serviceable to cliche-ridden. Although, considering the potential and scope for a multitude of sequels, they may have far greater impact on future storylines.

The true star of this show is the adorable Baymax. The inflated balloon of a character should have been on everyone’s Christmas lists. Much of the hilarious humour is milked from his awkward and limited mobility and motor skills. Yet it’s his warmhearted honesty and naivety that provides the most resonance. The life-affirming character of Baymax echoes everything that Disney proudly promotes as their brand. The touching relationship between Hiro and Baymax is the heart of this story and whenever the film focuses on that, Big Hero 6 is a winner.

Perfect for the whole family. This film should do for boys, what Frozen provided for girls. The experience left me beyond satisfied with my service.

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